Our ejournal creation…


Hello everyone from Cyprus. Hope some people are still following the blog… I am and I don’t see any movement. Anyways, wanted to let everyone know that we have created an eco-logical online newspaper in my school using ejournal and wanted to share it with you. Please fill free to visit and post any comments at http://www.ejournal.fi/eco-logos . Waiting for your comments…


2 Responses to “Our ejournal creation…”

  1. dim72 Says:

    Well done Constantinos. I am now attending an ICT in Education postgraduate course and we have created a forum You can visit it here http://tpe.forum2u.org/ (Unfotunately for the others it is only in Greek)
    We are planning to visit Cyprus to attend this seminar http://www.ucy.ac.cy/etpe08/index.htm
    As an ICT teacher I think you will also find it interesting so maybe we will meet again there next September!
    Some of the presentations will be in English so maybe some of the others would consider participating to this seminar.
    Here is the English page of the seminar http://www.ucy.ac.cy/etpe08/indexEnglish.htm

  2. floste Says:

    Hi my friends!

    It sounds good. I’ve given a look. It’s a really good idea? Why don’t we try to work on an exchange comenius program for next school year?

    At our school we have an active group of students that works on enviromental and soustainability, we could try to involve them.


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