Material regarding Consumer Education


I am very glad that we have the opportunity to continue to communicate through this blog!

As a part of my postgraduate studies I am currently developing a project concerning Consumer Education. If someone has any material in English about Consumer Education and can send it to me I would much appreciate it. I have also collected some material from e-cons comenius and some other articles regarding consumer education as well as sustainability and can send then to anyone interested in Consumer Education!




One Response to “Material regarding Consumer Education”

  1. floste Says:

    Dear Dimitris,

    Due technical problem on my email i’ll send you a reply to your requesta by our blog.

    Really I don’t have material in English concerning Consumer Education. I’ve asked to a friend of mine who works on traslation from english to Italia and vice-versa. He is involved as I’m on an association that works on this kind of subject, my be he can help us.
    If you want give a look to this site in whice we describe what we do (short)

    I let you know next days.

    Best wishes

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