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Happy New Year

January 1, 2008

Best wishes to fellow Comp@ctive bloggers for 2008.  I hope you had a very merry Christmas and hope you have a wonderful year in 2008.

from Alison Curran


Email addresses

November 11, 2007

mgarcia  skype

hanspoldoja  skype

martlaa  skype

lauraitaly skype

jean.michel skype   conxi.manresa  skype    jakubsev  skype   vlasta  Dimitris

These are the emails I could read.  If you know yours isn’t there please add to the list.  Thanks  Ali

Pianeta Europa A – mindmap of our project

September 29, 2007


Here is the mindmap we made.

Son Amar and later!

September 28, 2007

A wonderful night was had by all at Son Amar.  The music and dance inspired the compactive deligates to compose a new song and choreograph a beautiful dance.

Some began to get the hang of this dance and song. Many soon joined in ……

GPS Game by The Winners of Original GPS Game!

September 28, 2007

Task 1

Head out of the hotel  to the left and go to where you can get a good GPS signal.  Put in the co-ordinates N 39, 56861 E 2, 64357.  Once you find the spot take your picture beside the canon with the cathedral in the background.

Task 2

Next, put in the co-ordinates N 39, 56728 E 2, 64513 and locate the statue of Ramon Llull.  Write down what it says on the side of the statue.

Task 3

Next, put in the co-ordinates N 39, 56793 E 2, 64 781.  Once you have found the spot go to the souvenir shop and draw a picture of a suirell that is in the window.

Task 4

Last, put in the co-ordinates N 39, 56951 E 2, 64995.  Find the landmark of this position.  Once you have found it, what is the name of the type of tree in front?  There is only one tree!

Now head back to your starting point.


September 25, 2007

lemill-picture.jpgMy name is Alison Curran.  I am a primary teacher from Scotland.  I teach children from the ages of 5 until 12 before they go to high school.  I teach all areas of the curriculum.  Until June 2008 I am seconded to Dundee´s Educational Development Service as an ICT staff tutor.    From this course I am hoping to make links with other countries and take them to Scotland to promote International Education with in Dundee.