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Italian translation of Hans presentation on WEB 2.0

November 22, 2007

Dear friends,

 This is a message principally for our italian colleagues. I’ve worked on a presentation maded by Hans that was presented in Palma at Comp@active course. I’ve added some informatiom useful in our country. If you have suggestion or mistakes to note, please do not esitate to write or contact me.




Back at Comp@activeIII wordpress site!!

October 18, 2007

At schoolAt school 

Hallo my friends,

I’ve got sick just one day after my arrival in Florence. I was at school at all just to avoid to be absent for a too long period. Anyway, I’m back at our site!

I’ve proposed to my collegues a short course to tell them what we did in palma. They said yes. So i’m studying to be prepared.

Hope to read you soon.

best wishes

Stefano toocurious

Stefano Floris

September 25, 2007


I’m a secondary school teacher in Italy. My subject it Computer Science. I work expecially at Computer Lab with students from 16th to 18th. I work usually work with another computer science teacher (theory) or Business teacher. We are two teacher in lab with students.
I live in S.Casciano Val di Pesa near Florence (deep Chianti area) and I work in the Florentine area, that means I could teach in all bnusiness secondary schools of that area. I’m a “young” teacher so I could change school more or less each year becouse I’ve older teachers than me over the hit of computer science teacher of te area.


I’m very interested in open-source sofware opportunities and I’m working to introduce it at school. My further personal interest are fair trade and sustainability. I’m part of association that “work” in this subject creating courses and real new way of life style such as G.A.S.

G.A.S. are citizen association that find togheter food directly from local producers to avoid pollution from food trasportation, to gain healt thanks to organic food production and consuming, to consume seasonablevegetables, to help local and family producerd intead of bigfood industries. Were is not possible to find local porduct G.A.S. get Fair Trade products.

That’s all!