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January 4, 2008

Happy new year to all of you!  Take a look at this programme for environmental education for sustainability it sounds interesting!
Best wishes



Happy New Year

January 1, 2008

Best wishes to fellow Comp@ctive bloggers for 2008.  I hope you had a very merry Christmas and hope you have a wonderful year in 2008.

from Alison Curran

Material regarding Consumer Education

November 30, 2007

I am very glad that we have the opportunity to continue to communicate through this blog!

As a part of my postgraduate studies I am currently developing a project concerning Consumer Education. If someone has any material in English about Consumer Education and can send it to me I would much appreciate it. I have also collected some material from e-cons comenius and some other articles regarding consumer education as well as sustainability and can send then to anyone interested in Consumer Education!


Email addresses

November 11, 2007

mgarcia  skype

hanspoldoja  skype

martlaa  skype

lauraitaly skype

jean.michel skype   conxi.manresa  skype    jakubsev  skype   vlasta  Dimitris

These are the emails I could read.  If you know yours isn’t there please add to the list.  Thanks  Ali

ICT Conferences around the world

November 9, 2007


you can find a list of ICT Conferences that are held around the world.

Our ejournal creation…

November 7, 2007

Hello everyone from Cyprus. Hope some people are still following the blog… I am and I don’t see any movement. Anyways, wanted to let everyone know that we have created an eco-logical online newspaper in my school using ejournal and wanted to share it with you. Please fill free to visit and post any comments at . Waiting for your comments…

Hello from Dimitris

October 28, 2007

Hello!  I started a master’s degree in ICT in Education in the University of Athens and I took 2 years off from school!  I  am glad to  hear your news and I hope to cooperate  with some of you when I will get back to my teaching duties. In any case it would be good to communicate through this blog from time to time!

Hello from Romania

October 28, 2007

How are you, my dear Comp@ctive colleagues ? I hope that everything it’s ok ! I would like to start a blog for our students. The subject of this blog will be: Regional Identity in art, traditional dance, food or anything else.

The web adress of this blog is: Please tell your students about this blog! If someone has other suggestion, please contact me at :

I hope to read you soon, Ciprian

Back at Comp@activeIII wordpress site!!

October 18, 2007

At schoolAt school 

Hallo my friends,

I’ve got sick just one day after my arrival in Florence. I was at school at all just to avoid to be absent for a too long period. Anyway, I’m back at our site!

I’ve proposed to my collegues a short course to tell them what we did in palma. They said yes. So i’m studying to be prepared.

Hope to read you soon.

best wishes

Stefano toocurious

October 5, 2007

Mart and HansHello Mart! Voila the photo of you and Mart you asked me to publish on the blog.

Here in Italy its very hot at the moment! Just the temperature we espected in Palma.

 More photos are in Flickr