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Italian translation of Hans presentation on WEB 2.0

November 22, 2007

Dear friends,

 This is a message principally for our italian colleagues. I’ve worked on a presentation maded by Hans that was presented in Palma at Comp@active course. I’ve added some informatiom useful in our country. If you have suggestion or mistakes to note, please do not esitate to write or contact me.




Compactive III evaluation

September 29, 2007

Please fill in the online evaluation form for Compactive III.

You can find the form at:

NB! You have to use MS Internet Explorer for this procedure, as the form does not work well with Mozilla Firefox.

GPS-game: WebQuest assignment

September 27, 2007

We all are looking for an opportunity to experience Mallorca in different way on Saturday. So, let’s make our WebQuest task educational and useful in same time.
Please, use the Web to suggest three alternative trip routes outside Palma for Saturday afternoon. Each trip should teach us something interesting about Mallorca and should not last more than 6 hours. Don’t forget to add the transportation details, entrance fees and opening times. If you can add a Web link to an information source, would be nice.
Send your response as a comment to this blog post, together with names of the members of your group.

Lecture: user-generated content

September 26, 2007

This lecture is about user-generated content – copyright issues, tools and technologies. The following video is a good example of user-generated content:

New ideas could be built on existing ideas… if the copyright would allow that. Creative Commons will help authors.

Too much content… let’s start tagging…

… using social bookmarking systems …

and following things through RSS:

By the way the old-fashioned slides are also available:


September 25, 2007

Pl@net Europe A (primary school)
– Alison
– Dimitris
– Giuseppina
– Vlasta

Pl@net Europe B
– Stella
– Amalia
– Mirek

United in Diversity A (primary school)
– Murat
– Valeria
– Jean-Michel

United in diversity B
– Jakub
– Stefano
– Pina

United in diversity C
– Cipriani
– Constantinos
– Laura

Photos for editing

September 25, 2007

I have put up all the photos that we took in the morning. Please find your photo from:

Participants of Comp@ctive III

Welcome to Comp@ctive III course

September 21, 2007

Dear teachers, welcome to Comp@ctive III course. This blog will be our central communication channel during the course and hopefully also after the end of the course. To contribute to the blog you have to join and let me (Hans) know your e-mail address used in