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Mart and HansHello Mart! Voila the photo of you and Mart you asked me to publish on the blog.

Here in Italy its very hot at the moment! Just the temperature we espected in Palma.

 More photos are in Flickr


Planet Europe b project

September 29, 2007 by

http://lemill.net/content/planet-europe-b-project: this is a link to our project: please, visit us!

Pianeta Europa A – mindmap of our project

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Here is the mindmap we made.

Compactive III evaluation

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Please fill in the online evaluation form for Compactive III.

You can find the form at: http://www.ceppalma.net/comp@ctive/evaluation/evaluation.htm

NB! You have to use MS Internet Explorer for this procedure, as the form does not work well with Mozilla Firefox.

Son Amar and later!

September 28, 2007 by

A wonderful night was had by all at Son Amar.  The music and dance inspired the compactive deligates to compose a new song and choreograph a beautiful dance.

Some began to get the hang of this dance and song. Many soon joined in ……

GPS Game by The Winners of Original GPS Game!

September 28, 2007 by

Task 1

Head out of the hotel  to the left and go to where you can get a good GPS signal.  Put in the co-ordinates N 39, 56861 E 2, 64357.  Once you find the spot take your picture beside the canon with the cathedral in the background.

Task 2

Next, put in the co-ordinates N 39, 56728 E 2, 64513 and locate the statue of Ramon Llull.  Write down what it says on the side of the statue.

Task 3

Next, put in the co-ordinates N 39, 56793 E 2, 64 781.  Once you have found the spot go to the souvenir shop and draw a picture of a suirell that is in the window.

Task 4

Last, put in the co-ordinates N 39, 56951 E 2, 64995.  Find the landmark of this position.  Once you have found it, what is the name of the type of tree in front?  There is only one tree!

Now head back to your starting point.


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Group members: Amalia, Mirek, Giuseppina.

  1. STARTING POINT: Near the Cathedral, in front of the statue El Fonen (Coordinates N 3956738 E 002 64621
    You can start the Hunting only after having answered this question:
    “Whatś the architectural style of the Cathedral?”
  2. Find the spot southward where two cannons defend an important person of the Balears and mark the spot, there yiu will find a person of the staff who will give you the next task.
  3. Answer this question.
    “Who works here?”
    Now you can go to: N 39 570 75, E 002 64162.
    Arrive there and answer a question you will bi given .
  4. “What is on inside the buiding?”
    Now take a phot of the entrance and bring it back to the starting point.

GPS game – discover Palma

September 27, 2007 by

1. Go to ______________ and guess . Who is the author of this modern picture inside the building on the right side?

Send the answer_____________ by SMS.

2.You will receive these coordinates ___________________ . Go there and find a big place to sit down. Take a picture of what is in front of you and sent this picture by SMS to _______________ .

3. Look for this building (picture).   Send the  coordinates  by SMS.

4.) You will receive a SMS with  these instructions.  

a) Go outside  

b) Look for the statue.

c) Find out Who  is that man?

5.) Send the answer and you will receive fhe final destination.

GPS-game Group 3

September 27, 2007 by

1. Find a cannon “Gun Carriage” on the seaside. Send the coordinates by sms to the teacher.
2. Go to Baluard Museum and find statue of man, white sit down with letters on him and send a coordinates by sms to the teacher.
3. you receive other coordinate on your mobile phone, you have to find out what it is and when it was done (statue with horse in Plaza Espana.
4. Find the place where this picture was taken and send a coordinate by sms to the teachers.

GPS-game: WebQuest assignment

September 27, 2007 by

We all are looking for an opportunity to experience Mallorca in different way on Saturday. So, let’s make our WebQuest task educational and useful in same time.
Please, use the Web to suggest three alternative trip routes outside Palma for Saturday afternoon. Each trip should teach us something interesting about Mallorca and should not last more than 6 hours. Don’t forget to add the transportation details, entrance fees and opening times. If you can add a Web link to an information source, would be nice.
Send your response as a comment to this blog post, together with names of the members of your group.